Why I’m Running…

I am running for Congress because I strongly feel that the people of the 12th Congressional District are not getting the representation they deserve. They are currently being represented by a 14th term “career politician” who is out of touch with the people of her district. The current Congresswoman of the 12th Congressional District has been in office for over 25 years, yet there continue to be major issues affecting our communities year after year; issues such as a lack of affordable housing, a broken transportation system, an underperforming public school system and the lack of proper jail/criminal justice reform. As it has become a common belief among the public; “congress never gets anything done”. Many members of Congress; mainly “career politicians” like the one representing the 12th Congressional District have become the voices of “Special Interest Groups” and not the people who elected them. I have never seen the current Congresswoman in the community; speaking and learning about the issues that the people of our district have. ​

Few Words About Carlos Santiago-Cano

Carlos Santiago-Cano grew up in Flushing, Queens, NY. He has been a resident of the 12th Congressional District for 13 years. Carlos is a proud graduate of the New York City Public school system; having attended Elementary School, Junior High School and High School all in Public School. After High School Carlos attended CUNY (City University of New York) and graduated from Kingsborough Community College, then Baruch College which is also located in the 12th Congressional District

Carlos is an Entrepreneur and small business owner. In 2012 he started a Real Estate and Property Management company which he still has to this date and operates with his sister. The company mainly does business in Astoria, Queens; Upper East Side, Midtown East, Gramercy Park and East Village (all areas which cover the 12th Congressional District. Carlos has a passion and connection to the district.

In 2015 Carlos started his second business; a Coffee Company. He imports coffee from his family’s coffee farm in Colombia; the coffee is then roasted and packaged locally in Astoria, Queens. And distributed in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Westchester.

As an entrepreneur, small business owner and Public-School graduate; Carlos strongly believes that he can relate and comprehend the issues affecting the citizens of the 12th Congressional District, much more than the current Congresswoman. The current Representative of the 12th Congressional District is a career politician who has been in office for over 30 years. Carlos believes that the citizens of the 12th Congressional District deserve someone who fully represents their interests. The current Congresswoman is out of touch of the constituents.

“It is time for New Leadership and Fresh Innovative Ideas. Career Politicians looking out for Special Intertest instead of the people they represent is the problem with Congress.”

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