I strongly believe that the education system we currently have is outdated and inefficient. As a proud graduate of the New York City Public School system, I have been there and have seen how the current system in place does not help students develop their full potential. We currently treat our students like an “assembly line”, from one grade to the next and those who cannot keep up stay behind. What happens then? Those students who get left behind get discouraged; many of them do not end up going to college or even graduating high school. I’ve seen this happen time and time again; a talented individual who has the potential to be an electrician or entrepreneur. But instead of developing those talents; what our system does is categorize and hold people back because they do not meet general requirements, some of which will never be used by this individual if he was to become an electrician. On the other hand, I know many college graduates who owe thousands of dollars in student loans; yet after 4 years when they graduate it is impossible for them to get a job in the field that they majored in. It is common that a college graduate with over fifty thousand in debt after graduation ends up working in a job that is completely unrelated from what they majored in. is this right? Is this what we want to our children? Could the fifty thousand in students’ loans have been used to start a business or acquire a property that would generate income; instead of creating debt. Our college students should not be “punished” for getting an education; graduating with thousands of dollars in debt from student loans and not being able to find a job seems more like moving backward instead of making progress.  There needs to be a lot more focus on Tech Schools and programs that explore our children’s talents and interests at a young age.

I strongly believe all Public School should require “coding” classes along with other IT studies that explore careers in one of the main industries of the future, while at the same time getting students interested and involved. If COVID-19 has taught us something about the education system, it is that we were not prepared for online teaching. Online school is no longer a vision for the future; it is the present. And we must make sure that our children get the right education that will prepare them for a future where they have opportunities and options, not just debt after 4 years.  Of course, the current congresswoman knows nothing about the Public Education system; she is so out of touch with her 30 million dollars net worth that it is impossible for her to understand what a public-school student goes thru