Healthcare is a topic that is very personal to me. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I must pay for my own healthcare coverage. However, the current available plans are simply not “affordable”. Back in 2010 when the “Affordable care act” was being passed into law; I was excited to finally be part of the healthcare system; I was looking forward to having healthcare coverage at a reasonable price. This excitement did not last too long; as I ended up finding out; the “affordable care act” was “not affordable” at all. The plans I was being offered based on my income was ridiculously high and only offered partial coverage. Adding to my disappointment; I started being charged thousands of dollars every year from the IRS for not having insurance. I was being “punished” for not buying into a healthcare plan that was not affordable for me and didn’t meet my needs. The cost of healthcare is simply too high for those individuals whose income is mid-low level. I strongly believe in allowing states to compete against each other and allowing individuals to be able to purchase healthcare plans outside their home state.

This plan will create competition, improved quality of service and most important reduce the price of healthcare services. The pharmaceutical industry also needs some reform. Drugs are simply too expensive for patients and we have a system where the same drug costs one hundred times more in the US than other countries in Europe or around the world. Many times, a lot of these drugs cause individuals to become addicts; our current system is broken, and we must fix it to make it work for those individuals who need it most. The billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry does not need assistance; we need to assist everyday people who have been uninsured for years and remain uninsured due to the high cost of healthcare.