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I have been a small business owner for 8 years. I know firsthand what it takes to start a small business and all the hard work it takes not to just grow it but many times maintain it afloat. During this Covid19 crisis, small businesses have been devastated and the Federal Government must take real responsible actions to help this business during this crisis. It is unacceptable that funds which were meant to be for “small businesses”, ended up in the account of major companies who report millions of dollars in income every quarter. This is a perfect example of the current problem with Washington and career politicians. Career politicians represent the best interest of the lobbyist and donors contribute to their campaigns; not of small businesses like me. This must change! We had the lowest unemployment numbers in the history of our country; this was all affected by COVID-19. However, I strongly believe we can quickly gain all the lost jobs back and even create new jobs. We need to have creative incentives for restaurants, bars, retailers, and other businesses to open safely while still implementing safe guidelines to prevent the spread of COVUD-19. I also believe we need a program where people are encouraged to get back to work and not just stay out of the workforce simply because they are receiving unemployment. We can create thousands of jobs in infrastructure both for housing and transportation; not to mention getting back the jobs that were lost. However, the US Government needs to stop paying 2 million dollars to build a small bathroom in a public park; the inefficiency and waste of taxpayer money is mind-boggling