For years New York City has had a reduction in Major Felonies. Unfortunately, that has recently changed due to the irresponsible laws and supposed “reforms” passed by current elected officials. The “bail reform” bill passed by New York State has been a disaster for New York City. We have had an increase from last year in Murder – up 200%, Burglary – up 26.9% and Grand Larceny Auto – up 53.9%. All these crimes can be easily traced to the “failed bail reform” policy passed by current elected officials. Further, we have seen many individuals who get released as part of the bail reform program; end up right back in jail for another crime committed. Is this really “bail reform? To me it sounds more like a trap! A trap where an individual who committed a crime is released just to end up back in the same place a few weeks/days later. Real bail reform should consist of programs that help individuals not to break the law and assist them with guidance in accomplishing these goals. Aside from that, we need to put much more resources in assisting people who are “mentally ill”. Too often I have read stories of individuals of end up thrown in jail; when what they really need it was treated as a “mentally ill” person. Our current elected officials are not allocating resources where they need to go. Instead they just pass irresponsible policies that they call “reforms” just to a photo-op for reelection. We need real representation and real reform.